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Honor Flight Arizona received this lovely thank-you letter from Mr. Johnston shortly after returning from his flight with us.  An unforgettable experience is what we strive for with each WWII Veteran who is able to fly with us, and we are so happy both Mr. Johnston and his son were able to enjoy this journey.


May 25, 2014

Dear Rick:

I am enclosing copies of paper work I have sent to Prescott; I’m sure they will be sent on to you but just wanted to be certain that they got to you. While I am a bit reluctant to volunteer for anything else at this point in my life, the museum keeping me more than busy, I did indicate that I would be willing to help in some areas if called on to do so.

I am writing this to tell you that the experience of Honor Flight was unforgettable, and yet it is difficult to express the emotions and reactions that one feels during the course of those memorable three days. Your gang is phenomenal and do a tremendous job, and the mark of your genuine, personal interest and attention to detail – not to mention your attitude about a bunch of old timers – is touching to the extreme.

I cannot express my appreciation for your persistence in convincing me that it was something I should do and that I would remember it always, and you were 200% right; my son, JJ, enjoyed his part in it so much more than either of us anticipated!

Thanks for everything you do for all of us who receive the benefits, visible and invisible, of that remarkable journey.

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