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Trip Photos

Trip Photo Galleries

Honor Flight Arizona now has an account with SmugMug, a third-party photo sharing service that we use for pictures and videos. Photos/videos from trips may be viewed, downloaded, and shared for NO CHARGE (using the icons at the bottom of the screen when viewing a photo).

Additionally, customized or deluxe prints/photo items may be purchased from SmugMug (using the link at the top of the screen when viewing a photo).

Link to access photos:

Sharing Photos with Us

If you would like to share photos you took on your trip and have them included in the trip gallery, please follow these instructions for a FREE photo transfer/upload to us:

  • Please limit your photos upload to 25 images/files (maximum) of your BEST photos to share
  • Go to the following website:
  • Click on the I agree button in the welcome window
  • In the Upload files window (see reference screenshot below), enter the following:
    • Click on the Upload files+” icon to select your photos to upload from your computer
    • Enter the the following in the Email to field: [email protected]
    • Enter your own email address in the Your email field
    • In the Title or Message sections, please include your name & flight date(s), so we know where to post your photos.
    • Click Transfer & you are done!

You will receive a confirmation email from with details

Honor Flight Arizona may edit photos for content and privacy before posting to the SmugMug galleries.

Please note that by submitting photographs/videos to Honor Flight Arizona, the photographer/videographer grants Honor Flight Arizona electronic rights. No financial consideration will be paid to anyone for publication on the Honor Flight Arizona photo/video galleries, website, or social media channels. By publishing a photographer’s/videographer’s work, Honor Flight Arizona does not endorse the photographer’s/videographer’s private business or claim responsibility for any business relationships entered into between the photographer/videographer and those who view the photos/videos.