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Veteran FAQs

Q: Can my spouse (lady/man friend) go with me?

A: No. Our limitation is the number of seats on the tour bus. Any seat not filled with a Veteran will be used by a Guardian who will assist our Veterans by handling luggage and wheelchairs and ensuring our Veterans’ safety. The only spouses who are permitted to go are those who are Veterans themselves.

Q: I am the widow of a Veteran, can I go?

A:  Sadly, the answer is “no.” Again, we simply do not have the resources or seating available to transport all the Veterans who are presently on our Arizona waiting list. Adding spouses and widows simply isn’t an option for our program.

Q: How much money does it cost? How much cash do I need to bring?

A:  The cost is FREE for all WWII, Cold War, Korean War, and Vietnam War Veterans who served in the U.S. armed forces. You do not need to bring any money, unless you intend to purchase souvenirs.

Q: Can my son, daughter, grandson, etc. go as a Guardian?

A:  This is usually not a problem. Our TOP priority is the safe travel of ALL the Veterans. Guardians are volunteers who physically assist the Veterans with wheelchairs and their baggage during our trip. Who will or will not serve as a Guardian, and how many guardians will be needed, is the sole responsibility of the Hub Coordinator. That decision is based upon many factors, such as:

  • How many disabled Veterans are scheduled to go
  • Of the disabled Veterans going, how many will have to be physically assisted getting on and off the bus
  • Which Guardian applicants are most qualified? Medically trained, Veterans, active duty military personnel and volunteers who have previously participated in a flight are given top priority and serve as leadership members. The applicants physically capable of assisting in the lifting of Veterans are also a top priority
  • How many seats we have available on the bus

Q: Can I make a donation to Honor Flight Arizona?

A:  Honor Flight Arizona gratefully accepts all donations! However, no WWII, Cold War, Korean War, or Vietnam War Veteran may donate prior to his/her trip or pay his/her way to go. We believe that these Veterans have given enough. This is our way of saying “Thank You!”

Q: How are you funded?

A: Honor Flight Arizona receives no national or government sponsorship. Our funding comes primarily from individuals, community and military groups and organizations across the state. They recognize the great accomplishments and sacrifices of our WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War Veterans and understand them wanting to see their memorials. Significant contributors have been fraternal and civic organizations, as well as various corporations on a local level.

Q: Are Honor Flight Arizona and Honor Flight Southern Arizona the same?

A: The Arizona and Southern Arizona hubs are two separate entities. Each hub keeps its own waiting list and flies on its own schedule. Honor Flight Southern AZ serves Veterans in the Tucson and Yuma regions. Honor Flight Arizona serves the remainder of the state. If you are unsure about which hub to apply to, please contact us using the form on the Contact Us page.

Q:  I am a Vietnam War Veteran. Can I go to on this trip as a Veteran?

A: We started flying Vietnam War Veterans on October 15, 2019, selected from the oldest applications on our Vietnam War waiting list. Each Honor Flight will likely be a mix of Cold War, Korean War, and Vietnam War Veterans, with some WWII Veterans on occasion. Flight priority from our waiting lists starts with the oldest war (WWII), then Cold War/Korean War, then Vietnam War to address the age/oldest of our Veterans.

The sooner you sign up on our Veterans page, the sooner you will be called for a flight!

Q: What if a Veteran is on oxygen or requires a wheelchair?

A: Due to the age of our Veterans and the extensive walking required at many sites (including the airports), we supply wheelchairs to those that may need them. We also have many Guardians available to help push them. Our buses are equipped with motorized wheelchair lifts, if needed.

Oxygen usage also does not automatically eliminate a Veteran from joining us on our trips.  Please let us know if you require oxygen as the requirements of the airlines has changed and some paperwork and special equipment is required to board an aircraft. We can also assist in making oxygen available while touring and in your hotel room.

Q: I live in another state that does not have an Honor Flight hub. Can I come with you?

A: Unfortunately, no. Due to our large population of Veterans here in Arizona, we are unable to expand our list to include Veterans from other states. Please contact the national Honor Flight office, as they will arrange to fly Veterans from states without a hub.