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A Special Flag, A Special Day

December 7th the American Legion Post 39 in Gilbert once again invited previous Honor Flight WWII Veterans Mr. Bunke, Mr. Reinig, Mr. Reinig’s brother, Mr. Kaspar, and other veterans and civilians, to participate in a flag ceremony for Pearl Harbor Day. Once again I was honored to be invited to be present and document. This is the only place in the state of Arizona that does this particular flag ceremony. The Indian community, who have ownership of this flag residing in our Capitol, along with their riders, Patriot Riders, and the Legion Riders, carefully escort this flag from the Capitol Building to the post and perform a very dignified, solemn, and moving ceremony. As the flag arrives via motorcade, it is then carefully unrolled by invited participants, all wearing white gloves – veterans, others in service to the community, and civilians, and tilted to each side of the earth, north, south, east & west. The flag was then refolded, taken to the flag pole and then hung – first at half staff and saluted, then at full staff and saluted. Taps was played and the flag was once again brought down to gloved hands, followed by a 3-shot salute and very careful refolding. Yes, there were words spoken as well throughout, but all I can remember is how I felt – gratitude, honor, and thankfulness, but with that sadness for all those who were lost that day so many years ago. It truly was wonderful and our WWII Veterans were visibly touched by what they were a part of. Pictures from this occasion can’t completely do it justice, but here are a few as I tried to capture some of the moments:

Special Flag-1 Special Flag-2 Special Flag-3 Special Flag-4 Special Flag-5 Special Flag-6