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Stan’s Story Part 2

I introduced you to Stan Fagerstrom last month with his story “It Was No Big Deal.” This month we begin to hear more about Stan’s life after WWII as a newspaper reporter, his early beginnings to becoming the… Read More

Remember September

There are many historical happenings surrounding the month of September. September 1, 1939, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland and began WWII. The United States would join in this battle following the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on… Read More

Signing the Geneva Convention

This article below, written by Nandor Laklia from the newsletter from gives us information on the Geneva Convention, signed 85 years ago on July 27, 1929. To receive newsletters from them please write to Signing the… Read More

Stan’s Story — Part 1

I hope you will enjoy reading part I of Stan’s story as much as I did as reflected in a conversation he had while on his Honor Flight. A decorated WWII Veteran, he is also known as “The… Read More

Schooling Our Children

Honor Flight Arizona is very grateful for teachers who school our children so diligently in the history of our country and the significance of the events that provided us with the freedoms we continue to enjoy. We thank… Read More

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Funds Ten WWII Veterans to Washington, D.C.!

Our sincere thanks to Pat Mazzarella of the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program in Scottsdale, Arizona for organizing a fund raiser on May 8th, 2014 for Honor Flight Arizona and raising enough funds to send ten World War II… Read More

Home of the Free, Because of the Brave

You’ve heard this saying before, I’m sure, and having just celebrated Independence Day, I know I will be forever thankful to those who have served this country from the beginning through the present and into the future, preserving… Read More

Little Bits of Trivia for the 4th of July

Having celebrated Independence Day this past weekend, as many of us flew our flags, had our picnics, visited with family and friends, and watched fireworks, I thought I would share 10 “fast facts,” relating to the Fourth of… Read More

Long May It Wave

As I think about Flag Day approaching (June 14, 2014), I think of how many in our great nation take for granted the loss of lives and the heroism that represents our Freedom, our Flag, our National Anthem,… Read More